Project Team

In June 2010, after reviewing proposals from three different consulting teams who participated in a design competition, the FPD Council selected AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc. to design and manage the construction of levee system improvements. AMEC is leading a project team that we remain confident has the ability to restore our levees to 100-year flood protection levels within our goal budget and timeframe.

The complete project team includes:

Flood Insurance Rate Map Review

Levee Certification Inspection

Financial Planning

Bond Underwriters 2010

Bond Underwriters 2015

  • PNC Capital Markets LLC – Chicago, Illinois
  • RBC Capital Markets – Chicago, Illinois
  • Stern Brothers & Co. – St. Louis, Missouri
  • Stifel Nicholas & Company, Inc. – St. Louis, Missouri
  • Wells Fargo Securities – Chicago, Illinois
  • Citygroup Global Markets Inc. – Chicago, Illinois
  • Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley & Co. – Chicago, Illinois
  • Loop Capital Markets– Chicago, Illinois
  • Raymond James – Memphis, Tennessee

Legal Counsel

Bond Counsel 2010

Bond Counsel 2015

Levee System Design

Fiscal Agent